Professional software development and senior ICT consultancy

AD1001Welcome to the website of Dikhoff Software. My name is Arjan Dikhoff. I started coding at age 8, and have enjoyed this hobby throughout my life. In 1999, I decided to pursue a career in professional software development, with the focus on internet-enabled applications. During my career I created quality software using many different programming languages, development tools, databases, and development techniques.

In 2016 I became an independent contractor (also known as freelancer or self-employed). I offer services in software development, software architecture, and ICT consultancy. I have worked as a contractor for many companies in the past and have seen from the inside what works and what doesn’t work, both technically and politically. I offer my experience in technical, team-oriented, and political areas, bridging the gap between business and ICT.

Programming languages: Java, Python, C# (.NET framework), Javascript, markup languages such as HTML and XML, xslt, php, and many others.

Frameworks: JEE, ORM (Hibernate, JPA), Spring (1, 2, 3), JUnit, dbUnit and others.

Development tools: Eclipse, IntlliJ IDEA, Visual Studio, maven, VCSes (SVN, Hg, Git), and others.

Databases: Oracle, Postgres, MySQL, MS Sql Server, and others.

For inquiries, you can reach me through the contact page. I’m fully booked for 2017.

KvK: 65234871